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About Takalam

TakalamTech is a Jordanian based health-tech company specializing in finding solution for all hearing and speech disorders such as stuttering(stammering) using the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence, internet of things and software programming in general.

Takalam Products

Our Products

Takalam Device

A wearable device connected with an in-ear mini speaker developed to emulate a phenomenon called choral effect. Which is A phenomenon where the person’s stutter decreases or ceases completely when speaking with a group of others.

Takalam Platform

A platform developed to provide hearing and speech therapists with all the assessment they need to deliver a better service for their patients. Our platform contains a form generator that can generate all the forms that a hearing therapist, speech therapist and special education therapist may need.

Takalam Clinic

Takalam Clinic is one of the services provided by the company, which is a new vision for unifying procedures in clinics and medical centers and unifying the patient's file through a common cloud that brings together all service providers in the medical field.

✔ Reduce Stuttering

Takalam Deivce will reduce your stuttering problem more than 90%.

✔ Completely Hidden

The device will be hidden and not visible to anyone.

✔ Easy To Use

It can be worn and removed easily.

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