How to deal with stuttering child

Stuttering (stammering)

Also known as stammering or speech fluency disorder, in which a person repeats some letters or syllables or makes silent sounds or vowel sounds, which leads to difficulty flowing speech or difficulty in speaking or pausing during speech, and this negatively affects self-confidence and communicating with others, Stuttering is common among children and starts while they try to speak, and their language abilities do not match what they want to say.

How to deal with a child with stuttering (stammering)

Parents have a great influence in dealing with the stuttering child by supporting and accepting him and avoiding negativity towards the problem of stuttering while dealing with him, because the problem of stuttering has no treatment except that early treatment of stuttering contributes to its failure to move into adulthood or lead to alleviation of it.

Parents may contribute to the treatment of the problem through a speech pathologist, and the type of stuttering may differ from one child to another, it may be a developmental stuttering, nervous stuttering, or psychological stuttering, so you must properly deal with the stuttering person and important tips for dealing with a stuttering child:

  • Avoid interrupting the child while talking and try to show them the interest and attention to what he has to say.
  • Make time for the child and talk to him about easy and fun topics.
  • Provide a calm and comfortable environment for the child.
  • Not to be angry with the child because of stuttering and avoiding negativity.
  • Talk slowly with the child and teach him to do so.
  • Trying to provide a comfortable and safe school environment and inform teachers about the child’s problem of stuttering and educate them about it.
  • Try to talk calmly and positively about the problem of stuttering with the child.



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