Speech therapy for stuttering

Speech therapy for stuttering

After an inclusive evaluation by a SLPs or doctors, a decision can be made on the best approach to treating a stuttering problem.

Speech therapists usually resort to some available methods such as “talk therapy” to treat children and adults from stuttering, and most of the times this problem disappears in children before they reach the age of 7 years or adulthood.

In the event that the problem persists after puberty, here it is possible that the problem will continue throughout the person’s life because there is no clear and real treatment for the problem.

However, after the development of the Takalam device to solve the problem of stuttering, it became possible to solve this problem and bypass it through the use of It, Takalam is a small wearable device connected to a small internal hearing aid inside the ear. It was developed to solve the problem of stuttering by more than 90% of the stuttering person while in use.

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Takalam device is a quick solution to the problem of stuttering, just like using glasses. When you start using it immediately, the problem begins to disappear and the stuttering person can speak very naturally.

And we will show you some experiences of the Takalam device on several people who suffer from the problem of stuttering around the world.



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