Stuttering treatment in children

Stuttering treatment in children

Stuttering in children is common and occurs while the child is still learning speaking and language skills, as the exact cause of its occurrence is still not clear, but in most cases stuttering disappears when the child reaches 5-7 years through the use of one of the methods such as “talk therapy” and Under the supervision of a speech therapist.

Many speech pathologists believe that the problem is caused by a defect in the conduction task through the parts of the brain responsible for speech. And because it occurs during growth, most children get rid of it quickly and easily and before reaching the age of 7 years.

As for children who reach the age of 7 without getting rid of this problem, the problem may continue with them until a very old age because there is no real treatment for stuttering in children until now, but they can use a Takalam device to solve the problem of stuttering completely.

The Takalam device was developed to solve the problem of stuttering in adults and children. It is a small wearable device connected to a small internal hearing aid inside the ear. It was developed to solve the problem of stuttering by more than 90% of the stuttering person while in use.

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The main symptoms of stuttering in children are:

  • Difficulty starting to say a word or sentence.
  • Excessive repetition of words and phrases.
  • Prolongation of the pronunciation of words.
  • A rapid blink of the eye, or a twitch of the lips or jaw.
  • Tension when speaking and difficulty speaking.
  • Changes in facial or body expressions with stuttering.
  • The child avoids situations that require speaking.

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