Sudden stuttering in adults

Sudden stuttering in adults

It is known that stuttering (stuttering) is usually common with children, especially in the stage of learning to speak, but stuttering with adults is unusual, especially when it occurs suddenly, so there must be some reasons behind this, we will tell you through this article the reasons that causes the sudden stuttering in adults.


Causes of sudden stuttering (stuttering) in adults

neurogenic stuttering:

It is most common among adults. It may occur as a result of some medical conditions, such as a stroke or other brain injury. After exposure, the patient experiences speech disturbances for only a few hours, or it can last longer, regardless of how long the stuttering is present, it is necessary to consult The specialist doctor or speech pathologist to get the appropriate treatment, and explain how it works.


Stuttering due to medication:

Stuttering may be a possible side effect of taking some medical medications. If this happens, you must contact your doctor immediately, and stop taking the medication. The doctor can replace the medication or reduce the dose to avoid stuttering as a side effect. This is not a serious cause like other causes of sudden stuttering. With adults, once you stop taking the drug, the patient returns to his normal state.

Stuttering caused by stress

Severe stress or stress is one of the indirect causes of sudden stuttering in adults. It is linked to some emotional and psychological changes, which affect brain activity and speech disorder. Psychological trauma is also one of the reasons behind stuttering but it may be a temporary thing that can be easily treated once you get some rest.

Sudden stuttering for no reason

This type of stuttering has an unknown cause, and it cannot be included under any of the reasons mentioned above, however, doctors can be consulted to diagnose the condition and prescribe some solutions and exercises, to improve speech and complete recovery.


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