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causes of stuttering

Sudden stuttering in adults

Sudden stuttering in adults It is known that stuttering (stuttering) is usually common with children, especially in the stage of learning to speak, but stuttering with adults is unusual, especially when it occurs suddenly, so there must be some reasons behind this, we will tell you through this article the reasons that causes the sudden […]

5 important facts about Stuttering

5 important facts about Stuttering Stammering, or what is known as stuttering, is the inability to unite words together in speech, and it is also known as a speech disorder in which sounds, syllables or words are repeated or persisted for a longer period than usual. In this article, we will tell you 5 important […]

Stuttering (stammering) causes and symptoms

The definition of stuttering Stuttering (stammering) is one of the leading speech disorders globally which can effect person’s ability to speak fluently. It is characterized by repetition of sounds, words or syllables, prolonged voices, and interruptions in speech, in other words stutterer realizes every word he says but the problem but the problem lies in […]