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Frequently asked questions

What is stuttering/stammering?

Stuttering(stammering) is one of the leading speech disorders globally which can effect person’s ability to speak fluently. It is characterized by repetition of sounds, words or syllables, prolonged voices, and interruptions in speech, in other words stutterer realizes every word he says but the problem but the problem lies in the inability to produce a normal flow of speech, and sometimes these disorders are accompanied by physical behaviors such as eyes flashing quickly and some vibration of the lips.

What is the solution that we offer to solve the stuttering/stammering problem?

We offer a wearable device connected to a small in-ear mini speaker solves the stuttering problem as long as you wear it.

How does Takalam stuttering/stammering solution work?

Takalam device uses choral effect approach which is a phenomenon where the person stutter decreases or ceases completely when speaking with a group of others, our device consist of two main components:

1- Device itself working as a streamer and responsible of the configuration based on stutterer situation.

2- an in-ear speaker provides the stutterer with the right sounds to help him speak fluently.


Does Takalam device cure stuttering?

No, our stuttering solution is not a cure. It’s a real time solution help’s the stutterers to enhance their fluency of speech as long as they are wearing it. We recommend our users to wear our device only in a few situations such as having a presentation, ordering food, dealing with strangers, etc.

What is the right age to use Takalam device?

Any one above 7 years old can use our device.

How can you be sure about the device effectiveness?

Now, you can have your free trial by scheduale a meeting with our pathologist to test device effectiveness.

Free trial link: https://www.takalamtech.com/trial/register.php

Where does Takalam device available?

You can order our device from anywhere around the globe with some differences of the price depending on the country to which it is shipped to.