Do you rememper Metaib Al Amer’s? His journey to Overcoming Stuttering Challenges

Do you rememper Metaib Al Amer’s? His journey to Overcoming Stuttering Challenges


In 2020, Metaib Al Amer, a 16-year-old Saudi youth, decided to share his personal story and challenges with stuttering on YouTube. His struggle with stuttering began since he started speaking, and he quickly faced significant difficulties in communication.

A Call for Help:

In a moving video posted on his YouTube channel, Metaib appealed to his followers to share the video and seek solutions to his problem. He recounted various instances where his stuttering caused many embarrassing moments, becoming a major source of his suffering.

Unexpectedly, Metaib witnessed a tremendous response. The video garnered hundreds of thousands of views, and many people empathized with his story, offering their support.

Communication and the Experience:

In response to the call for help, we reached out to Metaib to assist him in overcoming his problem. His experience with Takalam device was inspiring, showing a noticeable improvement in his ability to communicate right from the beginning of using the device.

Transformation and Improvement:

Now, after some time has passed, Metaib successfully uses Takalam speech device. He speaks confidently about the impact of using the device and the significant improvement he has achieved in his speech and communication skills. The Takalam device played a crucial role in changing his life.

Metaib Al Amer’s story is not just an individual challenge; it is a story of the collective power of support and solidarity. His journey demonstrates how technology can be an effective means to bring about positive change in the lives of individuals facing challenges. At TakalamTech, we aspire to contribute to helping all individuals with stuttering problems overcome their challenges and change their lives.


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